Does this sound like you?

Have you ever asked yourself:

“Why can’t I find enough good employees?”

"Why are customers always haggling over my prices?"

“Is it even possible to take a day off or will my business fall apart?”

“How can I build and grow a profitable business that gives me freedom and flexibility?”

If so then you’ve come to the right place!

Whether your home service business is new, established, or you’re just in the planning stages — this coaching program can help you get on a fast track to growth.


And how you can too...

Client Win: D&F Plumbing

D&F Plumbing performs a wide range of plumbing services, from installation, maintenance and repairs, to repipes, remodels and new construction.

Like many other home service providers, the owner was struggling to put systems in place, keep employees engaged, and attract customers to the business. Being a home-school mom and a business owner was also a juggling act.


"When Desiree started working with us, we were sending employees home at 11am weekly because there just wasn't enough work on the schedule. We had a bad reputation for inconsistent work and bad customer service."

D&F had no systems in place for follow-ups on open estimates or for collecting payments, so there was a stack of lost opportunities and outstanding invoices (some as much as 3 years overdue!). Talk about a cash-flow problem!

Their reputation was in the toilet and the customer experience was at an all time low.

New employees were thrown into a truck without any onboarding or training. Morale was low for both the employees and management.

Marketing was expensive, inconsistent, and inneffective.

The owner was overwhelmed, frustrated and wondering why she was working so hard for such stress and dissapointment.

Our Goal

The owner wanted a business that was more hands off. Where employees knew what their responsibilities were and could take ownership of the brand. Where there was a clear customer journey, and every touch point along the way was planned out to create a positive impression and repeat business. She wanted a "wow" business that stood out in the community.

The Process

I supported and guided the owner through the following strategies and improvements: 

  • Onboarding and Training program
  • Field Service Management Software
  • KPIs for multiple departments
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Scripting for CSRs
  • Marketing strategies
  • Value-based sales strategies
  • Customer follow-up systems
  • Rebrand 

The Results

With my Service-First Selling™ method, well-implemented systems and processes, and a guided rebrand, D&F Plumbing got a total makeover inside and out! This resulted in 2x sales, a fully-booked dispatch board, and a reputation that the locals know, like and trust!

Life's Too Short To Be Stressed Out, Overwhelmed, and Underpaid.

This is your ticket OUT of overwhelm and into EMPOWERMENT!

This coaching program is custom-tailored for business women in the home services industry who want to earn more, in less time, with less stress!

- Cleaners
- Painters
- Remodelers
- Plumbers
- Handywomen
- Electricians
- Landscapers

And any other female home service provider...

This program will empower you and offer practical strategies to best achieve success both professionally and personally (and isn't life all about balance?)

Clear up that overwhelm and get on track so you can make growth happen quicker than before.

Most contractors struggle with 1 or more of the following problems:





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- SOPs
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- Marketing content
- Hiring resources
- CSR scripts
- Training Plans

And MUCH more!

This program is so much more than just guidance and accountability. It's a done-with-you system to take your contracting business to the next level.