3 Advantages to Selling as a Female Contractor | Female Home Service Pros

3 Advantages to Selling as a Female Contractor | Female Home Service Pros

I know it can be hard to be a woman in a male-dominated industry, but it does give you an edge over your competition! This can lead to increased revenue if you learn to utilize that edge.

Being a female contractor is hugely advantageous to close sales and grow your home service business.

In the past, very few women were running a business at all, and even fewer were working in construction or skilled trades companies. But in just a few short decades, the landscape drastically changed.

There are nearly 13 million women-owned businesses in the US that all together generate about $1.8 trillion annually, and 13% are construction industry businesses.

This shows that if you leverage your tools well, there is room to grow your business!

So if you are a home service business owner looking for tips to increase sales, here are 3 advantages to selling as a female contractor.

You Are Your Customer

For most service businesses, the dream customer or "client avatar" is…a woman! It’s especially true for the home service industry.

Think about it, who will do the hiring for kitchen remodeling, landscaping, cleaning, and so on? Usually, it’s a woman.

This is because she takes a major interest in her homes’ look, feel, and design. She is most likely passionate about it. 

Maybe she spends a lot of time there or cares about what her guests think when they walk around her space.

Generally, women pay more attention to these things than their male partners. This is why they tend to manage the hiring of home service businesses.

That means they hold the power to decide which company will get hired. Even when their husband or partner is the sole breadwinner, they have a considerable say in deciding how the money is spent.

This is why you will be able to appeal to them as a female contractor.

Moreover, you understand and relate to their problems on an intimate and deeper level because you probably have experienced the exact same issues.

This gives you an incredible advantage over your male competitors! It means you can show up at the job site and build an immediate rapport with your client.

As a fellow working woman, wife, or mother, you understand what she is going through. Use this to your advantage!

When you meet with a female clikent, consider the emotional benefits your services will have. 

Don’t just focus on selling paint for her walls or a new faucet for a guest bathroom. Instead, focus on servicing the emotional part of her life. 

Reflect on the pains and passions she might be experiencing as it relates to your service. Ask yourself how you add emotional value to her life by providing a solution.

That’s a strong selling point because you understand your clients’ needs and desires, and can offer them a very personal experience. Highlighting these emotional benefits will provide you with more power to close the sale.

You Have a Unique Feminine Touch

There’s something powerful that comes from having a certain touch that only women possess.

Generally, when women think about hiring a home service business, they envision a grumpy older man who shows up in a beat-up old truck...

Someone who might take advantage of her...

Someone who will ignore her...

Won’t listen to her thoughts...

Won’t meet her deadlines or accomodate her schedule...

And will only have his own opinion and agenda.

By contrast, you are more likely to:

  • Offer good communication

  • Be empathetic

  • Provide more flexibility to work around her schedule

  • Meet her demands

You are a breath of fresh air for a female client because you make the customer experience all about her and what she needs. You’re not bulldozing the conversation or trying to prioritize your own needs.

You’re focused on her. As a result, you anticipate her needs and take care of the problems that male contractors might overlook.

There are definitely male home service businesses that can offer a lady-friendly approach and do a great job serving female customers. However, you can offer a more approachable customer experience.

All in all, everyone (men or women) wants to hire someone that they can trust. Someone who will deliver on their promises.

More often than not, women are perceived as more trustworthy. This is why I think people might be more comfortable hiring women. 

If you’re able to offer a more pleasant, approachable and problem-solving interaction, clients will be more likely to hire you.

They will also tell their friends about you, and that’s a beautiful thing to grow your business!

So don’t hesitate to use your feminine touch to your advantage to create a customer experience that sets your company apart from others.

You Are Helping to Promote Diversity

Women-owned businesses are on the rise right now. Society stresses supporting diversity and small businesses more and more. This is why people are more interested in helping women-owned businesses than ever before. It’s a powerful sales tool.

Use it!

It’s an easy way for people to promote progress and feel good about their choices. 

A women-owned contracting company is something new, fresh and desirable, so highlight this EVERYWHERE.

Show how being a female contractor sets you apart from the competition, from your branding to your website, to conversations with customers, to your sales pitch.

Emphasize why this is an asset for your clients and how they can benefit by supporting your company. 

Don’t be afraid to show your unique perspective and strengths in order to show clients they should choose your woman-owned business.

Remember that you are your customer and that your feminine touch and being a female contractor set you apart from the competition. 

Lean fully into that and use it to your advantage to create the best experience you can, and your business will grow in no time! 

This might seem daunting and like something else you have to do on top of all your other tasks, and I get it! 

It’s not easy being a one-woman show. 

This is why I put together a resource that will help you save 30+ hours per week as a contractor; grab it HERE.

For more advice and resources on how to grow your woman-owned contracting business, check my Youtube channel here!