How to Improve Your Social Media to Get More Leads as a Female Contractor | Female Home Service Pros

How to Improve Your Social Media to Get More Leads as a Female Contractor | Female Home Service Pros

Word of mouth reigns supreme as the number one lead source generator in the home service industry. But these days, traditional word of mouth has taken on a new form...

Social media.

But for a lot of people, social media can be frustrating. You don't know what to post, why your posts get ignored, or when to post…

Social media is a tough nut to crack. The algorithms are constantly changing, making it harder and harder for homeowners in your area to find you on these platforms.

Even still — Facebook, Instagram, or even Nextdoor are an excellent addition to your marketing efforts.

And if you want to see success on these platforms, it's going to take some consistency and creativity on your part. But once you can get the hang of it, you will be able to establish a reputation and get leads rolling in, allowing your business to grow.

In this blog post I will make recommendations on how to improve your social media and get more leads.

Understand Why You're Using Social Media

Whether we like it or not — social media is an addictive habit built into billions of people’s everyday lives.

Thousands of engineers, designers, and developers have spent the last few decades socially engineering us to spend time on these platforms. And not just a little bit of time...the average person spends over 2 hours and 24 minutes every single day scrolling.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, all of these platforms are omnipresent and easy to access on all our devices, and we check them compulsively from the minute we wake up in the morning to the minute we go to bed.

I guarantee no matter what specific audience you serve, no matter who your ideal client is, they are on one of these platforms every single day.

And one of the #1 rules of marketing is to get in front of your ideal clients where they already are.

Once you start hanging out on the same platform as them and speak their language, that's when your marketing will take off.

When it comes to connecting with homeowners who might need your services, Facebook is by far the most accessible and user-friendly platform. Besides, the sheer volume of users means you're bound to find your ideal clients over there.

But you can also see success on Instagram, Nextdoor, or even Youtube.

Pick One Platform

The algorithm suppresses a lot of business content. If you want to see results and a return on investment, you need to do some manual work and create real and genuine relationships.

And this can be time-consuming if you're not careful – you will have to post at different times of the day, engage with people responding to you and keep track of all the conversations in your DMs and respond quickly if you can.

But if you are dedicated and consistent, it can also generate money.

This is why you should focus only on one platform at the beginning, especially if you're a one-woman show and can't afford to hire an agency or an in-house marketing manager right now.

Then make sure to optimize your profile by:

  • Having nice pictures and writing a professional bio

  • Adding your professional logo and a link to your website

  • Having the accurate contact information

  • Setting up an autoresponder to answer people's messages around the clock

Once you have done all this and seen some success with that platform, you can layer a second platform later on. But putting all your efforts in only one at first allows you to be consistent without being overwhelmed or burned out.

Get Clarity on What to Post

People do not want to be sold something over and over again. Nothing will lose people's interest faster than you just promoting your business all the time.

If you do that, they will avoid your page, hide it from their feed, ignore you, or simply unfollow you.

You should follow the 80/20 rule when you post content — 80% of the content should be entertaining, engaging, or educational, and 20% should be promotional.

Do NOT sell, sell, sell. Instead:

  • Ask questions or tell a story

  • Celebrate your clients or your team

  • Show off your awesome handiwork

  • Share some industry secrets that would make homeowners' life way easier.

  • Give tips and advice.

  • Share memes or gifs that your audience can relate to.

  • Address their pains and inspire their passions. Find ways to resonate with the people you want to work with

  • Be funny or fun or quirky, catch people's attention while still being on-brand for your company

Find ways to start conversations, and then keep that conversation going. Anytime someone comments or likes a post, reach out to them.

Find out more about why that message hit home for them and see if your service can help them in some way.

And Facebook can be a powerful way to reach out to more people in your community quickly. You can join local Facebook groups like mom groups, community groups, business referral groups in your area. Then you can cross-post the content from your Business page to this group.

If someone engages with that content, simply respond.

Think about it.

If you were handing out brochures and business cards in the street, and someone said: "hey, it looks like you do good work," or "my kitchen could really use that..."
Would you turn around and walk away? No, you would keep that conversation going until you had them on your schedule.

You need to use social media in the same way.

Be Consistent

It can be challenging to be consistent on social media. And again, choosing only one platform can help reduce that inconsistency.

Now, as far as posting frequency goes, here's a technique you can try to get into the habit of posting consistently.

If you're REALLY struggling with being consistent… Just post 1 time per week for 1 month. That's it.

Don't even worry about what anyone says about posting 5 or 6 times per week. Yes, the more time you post, the better.

But if that is a big hurdle for you, there's no need to stress out about planning a post every single day and batch-scheduling by the dozens ahead of time.

Just come up with 1 piece of content — pick 1 day and a time of the week when your audience should be most active on the platform, and post it. And then do the same thing the next week and the week after that. Just once a week for 1 month.

After you consistently do this for a month, then the second month, pick 2 days and do 2 posts. If you skip a week in that first month, you don't get to increase your posting. Just stay at 1 post per week until you do it for a whole month.

You'll be surprised at how eager you are to post when following these steps and how new ideas come more easily.

But you are still only allowed to post 1 time per week until you have that consistency.

Every time you come up with a fun idea or a great piece of content, make sure to write it down on your phone's note app or a physical notepad. And then later, you can flesh it out and pick an image to go with it, schedule it, and post it.

So once you're consistent for a month, you've engaged with anyone who liked or commented, initiated conversations, and consistently followed up, then you can do 2 posts per week for a month.

And if you're consistent with that, you are allowed to post 3 times per week, and so on.

If you get all gung-ho and post 3 or 4 times a week and then don't post for 6 months, people will NOT think of you when they need to hire a painter, plumber, cleaner, etc.

So instead of getting a bunch of ideas for just one week or two, getting burned out and not knowing what to post anymore (leading you not to post for weeks), consistently be present on just one platform.

Consistency is one of the main keys to success on social media.

When you are consistent and people continue to see you showing up, they learn who you are. This builds trust, and your business starts to stick in their minds.

And last but not least, use images and videos every single time you post.

Your goal is to STOP people from scrolling and make them take notice of the work you do and how you can fulfill their needs. So you want to have interesting images or fun videos that will catch their eyes and make them want to find out more.

That doesn't mean you should run off to TikTok and waste hours of your time trying to come up with clever content or spend hours on Canva putting together graphics with fun fonts and colors...

A candid photo or video of you, your work, team, tools, or a happy client will work just fine. Often, casual pictures work even better than creating graphics, hiring a professional photographer, or filming a TikTok video.

And remember that even if no one is interacting with your posts, people ARE watching.

And if they see you consistently, who will come to mind when they need your services?

They will seek out your social media profile to find out more about you and possibly hire you!

Think about yourself. You probably don't comment or like everything you see, but you see it. And other people do too.

When you are consistent and have a clear social media strategy, the right people will remember you and your services when it is time for them to hire a contractor.

Since I know that coming up with captions is not always easy, I put together a list of 31 captions that you can literally copy and paste.

That's your whole content strategy done for the next month!

So if you want to grab those and use them to show what your business is all about and attract the attention of homeowners, you can grab them HERE.